Find Your Passion…

To find your true purpose in life you have to start with finding what you are passionate about. You have to ask yourself the right questions to find just what it is that you enjoy the most. You also have to learn to let go of anything that is a limiting belief. If it seems to limit you or someone else, then let it go and move on. Even if it seems to be valid, if it limits the infinite possibilities then let it go!!!

You have to get in touch with your intuition, and trust that inner feeling you get about things. That’s not to say that logic doesn’t have answers, but when they work together in balance with each other then you can find the real solution to any situation that comes up in your life.

True abundance is your birth right, or you could say is you! To have true abundance you have to be walking the path that is meant for you. Your true life purpose… Tuning in to that which makes you passionate, and learning to deepen your intuition. These are the two keys to finding that true purpose in your life.

Namaste, and I love you!!!DSC_0777ax