Let Go and Surrender to the Process…


There comes a time in every ones life when they have to learn to either let go or hold on even tighter. The problem with holding on to tight is that you will smoother it. It’s like every loving mother knows that one day she is going to have to let her children go, and that one day though it may be hard to do is going to come. Just like with kids, if you hold on to tight and you don’t let them breathe then they will run away. So to is this with your spiritual path and growth.

Life is what you make it, well that’s what they say… So how do we make our life everything we ever dreamed it to be? The simplest way I can say this is to “let go”… Surrender to the process. Keep in your mind and your heart what the outcome that you would like to be, but don’t be afraid to let the process take you and possibly change that outcome. Be fluid like the water. You want to be like the flowing water in the river of life. Water can become stagnant, but only when you try to keep it in one place. So this is where letting go and surrendering to the process comes in.

It’s like letting the universe guide you and taking each moment as it comes. Allowing it the space to breath and to remain fresh and to be renewed every moment into something better than it was the moment before. It’s ok, this is how it’s supposed to be. Release your fear of the unknown and then the unknown will become the known.

Our minds and our hearts working in unison, and then let the universe or spirit do the rest. Taking the time to notice all the little details in you every moment. Together is the only way we are going to shift this planet into the most wonderful place for us all to live. In harmony with each other and in love with all.

Everything is sacred, everything is love. When you really look to the core. There are those that would seem to be absent of love, but when you really take a closer look at them… Why do they do the things they do? It’s because they don’t know the love that is who they really are. It may take them several even hundreds or thousands of life times, but eventually they will get there too.

We have all been that beggar, that thief, that murderer. At some point in our lives, or at some point in our past lives. We should not hate them nor anyone, we should only love. For that is the only way we together are going to be able change this planet into the paradise that she so gracefully dreams it to be…

Written by: Ashley Nicole Martin

Author: Ashley Martin

Like cleansing rain pouring on your soul, kisses the senses and all that you know... Circle around you and down through your head, touches your heart to know what is said... Bare feet sitting deep underground, tickling your toes with softness and sound...